changing size of beyondar object at all distances


when the beyondar object is on screen, the size is larger when closer and smaller when farther away,  where in the code can I go to change this base size?   for example if I want the object to be smaller when far and larger when closer, however 3 times larger at all times than the size it is now?

if it is 2cm height on screen far away and 6cm height when close,  how to make it like 4cm when far and 12cm when close?

I tried to adjust the size of width and height in ARR renderer class but this did not have an effect.



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i found out the answer,  got it working.  How I did it like in this example.  For making the marker size always double the current size.  used this chage in code it the Texture class,    it works


private void calculateImageSizeRate() {

if (mWidth < mHeight) {

mWidthRate = (((float) mWidth / (float) mHeight) * 2);

mHeightRate = 1 * 2;

} else {

mHeightRate = (((float) mHeight / (float) mWidth) * 2);

mWidthRate = 1 * 2;

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I think that you can use the World.setArViewDistance just set a bigger number and that's it, never the less, the change that you made sounds cool, I'll add a method to be able to change it. Thanks!