My GeoObjects do not show corectly!


Hi all,

I am a newbie of AR and beyondAr! I see an app that can show the makers (nearby places from my location) by rotate the diection of camera. That really cool, and with BeyondAR i can add an objects by their latitude and longitude postion.So, I try to add my own list of GeoObjects' positions. I added 5 objects but i just saw 2 of them in sharedworld, I set max distance to 5km while the max distance in real just 1km. Can BeyondAR work fine with my way? Anyone can give me some suggestion?

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It is possible, I think that yu need to play more with a few parameters (see the example code).

For instance, play with:





Check the documentation of this methods here


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Thanks for your quickly reply! So, you mean I can use BeyondAR framework for my app that show nearby place when changing direction of the ARCamera like wikitude or  Junaio apps (ofcourse with a lower level)? I will try your suggestion.

Regards !

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Hi ,

I'm again, I ran my demo on 2 devices: Samsung tab 10 inches and galaxy s4 and found there is a difference between 2 devices. The S4 seems bad results, when I rotate camera, my geoObjects is kept in screen. Otherwise, the Samsung tab 10 inches gives me a better results, seem every geoObjects has kept its position when I rotate camera. Do you know why ? Please give me suggestions!

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What do you mean? that when you rotate the geoObjects look slidly different? This is a know bug :(

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Yes, that I mean. GeoObjects keep on camera when I move the camera to other directions.

So, I try to investigate this and still hope your help !


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When I set setPushAwayDistance() to my Fragment lower to see the bigger geoObject's image, the radarView is re-draw these dots, and when the distance is close enough, these dots become only 1 dot. Is there a way to set pushAwayDistance() and keep dots in Radar correctly?

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I don't think so, you could try to edit the code of the radar, you will find it here. I also have to say that the radar plugin is not fully implemented, it is more used to show how to make pluguins.

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Thank you very much, Beyondar!