changing the image during runtime


is there a better way to change the image for a beyondar object while the app is being run?   when the app is started I use  setImageUri() method  to set each BeyondarObjects and then I call  world.addBeyondarObject(go3) to set the object to the world.    for example if the user touches the BeyondarObject image on the screen I was thinking about changing the image to another jpg or png from the drawables folder, after that BeyondarObject is touched. 

I was already able to change the png image for the BeyondarObject on the screen by using the setImageUri in the onClick call back method.  however when I do this I had to call the new World(this) constructor and recreate the world again and re-load all the BeyondarObjects and the then call the addBeyondar method again for all of the BeyondarObjects.  This is large amount of processing for just to changing one of the images on the screen. 

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Yes, you are right! I've created a ticket here:

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Fixed for 0.4.1 :)