how to set the maximum size of the on screen images


what is the best way to set the maximum size of the on screen images?

actually  a better question would be, where is the place in the code that the size of the bitmap image that goes on the screen is?     The bitmap image put on the screen is changed in size depending on how far the android device is from the location.  Small for far away and large for close by.    So somewhere in the code it determines what size the image on ther screen should be drawn.

if the geoLocation of the object is vary close it will draw the image vary large so it takes up all of the screen.  I wanted to make a maximum size limit so if you were vary close it would fill up only half of the screen.   there would be a limit on how large of an area on the screen that the image would take up.

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I've implemented something similar here: but it was for when a element is to far... I will implement it for when the object is also to close.

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Fixed for the 0.5.0 version. I also fixed a few typos, the google map module and other stuff

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tried the setMinFarDistanceSize() method in the newest version.  It works so perfect.  This is turning out to be the world's finest Augmented reality frameworks

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You think so?? :) Thanks!! we will keep improving the framework!!!