3D support


Hi, first of all, it is really nice framework for AR, good job guys. On github, you mentioned, that it is possible to render 3D objects, but after quick review, I wasn't able to find any apropriate way how to render 3D objects using GeoObject... Can you give some hint or example how to do this? 

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Sorry for the delay, I've been very bussy lately :p

It is possible, to do that you need to create your own Renderable and the override the method createRenderable() in your custom BeyondarObject to specify that you are going to use a custom Renderable. The problem of this aproach is that it is not very easy to use and in the future I would like to implement a way to add .obj to any BeyondarObject. Here I've create the issue: https://github.com/BeyondAR/beyondar/issues/23