Publish your mod

Once we have the mod tested and ready to publish, we can upload it to the BeyondAR’s server.

Packing the mod

To upload the mod we need to zip our mod. Remember that the "descriptor.xml" should be in the package root. For instance:

When the zip is ready, we are ready to upload the file in to the server.

Publishing your mod

To be able to upload your mod to the system you need to register, then go to the mods section and upload the package. 

Fill all the data requested by the form:

  • Name: This is the text name of the mod.
  • Body: A description about this mod (only plain text is allowed).
  • Mod icon: The icon that represents the mod.
  • Mod file: the .zip file that contains all the mods data.
  • Mod id: This is the unique identifier of the mod (should be the same as in the descriptor). This value cannot be changed later.
  • Version: The version of the mod. If you want to publish an update, just upload the updated zip and change the version (this version should be the same as in the "descriptor.xml").

Once the mod is uploaded you can check if it is available in the app (it could take up to 3 minutes) and play with it.

Updating an existing mod

If you want to publish a new version just edit your published mod with the new values (version, icon and description) and upload the new zip file. When the users will refresh the online mods they will see an update notification.